Monday, 3 December 2012

[H] - Recruiting - Adults - PvP

Recruiting Updated: 3-DEC-2012 @ 11am

 Swag – Horde (CST Server Time)

Who We Are

<Swag> is a level 25 guild on Burning Legion, Horde side, that is reformed out of the ashes of a horrible monster. We are now recruiting for RBG, pvp and arena. Swag is under new management and has all kinds of strict rules. Just kidding about the rules.

Guild Leader

Sanctions, the Insane, Agent of Shen'dralar, from Cho'gall.

Arena Times

Our Arena times will be 8 to 11pm CST/Server Time, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, starting with 3v3 and finishing with 5v5

RBG Times

Our RBG times will be 8 to 11pm CST/Server Time, Thursdays


We are more flexible with this than most hardcore and semi-hardcore guilds. Most of us have high responsibility jobs, spouses, children, etc. that always must take priority over video games. Need to take your wife out for date night on a Friday or Saturday? Taking the kids to Disney land? Weekend getaway to Vegas? Need to study for finals? No problem, we are very understanding and always insist that real life comes first. We do however want reasonably reliable players who give advance notice if she or he cannot make an event. We don’t like putting a specific percentage on this but if we had to then about 75% attendance would be the best estimate on our expectations.

Our Needs

We need everything at the moment and expect our reformation to take approximately one month to get a semi-geared core group together for PVP.

Our Offer

We will fully gear and enchant our core group. You will never pay for repairs if you are a core member. You will never have to pay for enchants if you are a core member.

How to Apply

We're not stupid. Send your armory to or send an ingame message either through mail or a whisper and we'll let you know if we are interested.

Core RBG Comp

We will always take exceptional players into our ranks and give them a shot. Right now we have open recruiting but here are the priorities. Grey spots are definitely filled.

  • Prot Warrior - FC & Node Defender
  • Holy Pally
  • Disc Priest 
  • Resto Shammy
  • Frost Mage / Fire OS
  • Shadow Priest
  • Affy Lock / Demo OS
  • Sub Rogue / Combat OS
  • Frost DK / Blood OS
  • Balance Druid / Guardian OS

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